5 Fun Facts about Flooring!

Posted on 1st June 2016

5 Fun Facts about Flooring!

While people may assume that a conversation about flooring is not the most interesting, the world of flooring can be a surprisingly exciting place. Don’t believe us? We thought of sharing with you some fun and fascinating facts about carpets and flooring that we have stumbled upon.


Oldest known rug/ carpet in the world


Image – Wikipedia

It has been said that the first carpet was woven in the 5th century B.C at an incredible age of over 2000 years old and is called the Pazyryk carpet. It is the oldest urviving carpet and is housed at St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum. The carpet was found in the grave of a Scythian prince, among the ices of Pazyryk Valley in Altai Mountains in Siberia.


History of red carpets


Before they became associated with celebrity events and premieres within the entertainment and film industry, red carpets had a more regal history. Traditionally they were used to mark the ceremonial and formal gatherings of politicians and leaders alike, though they are much less renowned for it now.


Most expensive floor

pietra firma

Image- Pietra Firma

The world’s priciest flooring is the Pietra Firma LuxTouch tile. This black marble design is inlaid with 95 cut diamonds, but not only that, each tile contains abalone shell, mother of pearl and black onyx! This stunning design comes at a jaw dropping price, at ‘just’ $1,000,000 per 10 square feet, which doesn’t even cover installation cost!


History of vacuum cleaners


The first ever vacuum cleaner was invented in 1907. When it first came out, manufacturers really struggled to sell them because people felt offended by the fact that their carpets might get filthy. The harsh truth of it is that several pounds, (yes pounds!) of soil and dirt can accumulate in and under your carpet throughout the year so it is really is important to clean and vacuum your floors on a regular basis.


Rug versus carpet

People are often confused about the difference between rugs and carpet, but they are basically the same the same thing. The only thing that sets them apart is the size – any piece of carpet that measures less than 40 square feet is considered a rug. Although they have been around for centuries and are still are common feature in households all over London, 90% of estate agencies in London claim that homes with wooden floors sell faster and for more money.


Which flooring fact here caught your attention? Do you have an amusing floor story to share? Write to us and share you fun flooring fact!

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