7 Flooring Mistakes to Avoid Now

Posted on 8th February 2017


7 Flooring Mistakes to Avoid Now!

Are you shopping for new floors but filled with trepidation and worried you will make an expensive mistake? Don’t worry, almost everybody feels that way! We understand that this is something you have probably never done before, there are so many choices, and so much information to absorb. It is important to remember that decisions made both during and after flooring installation will have a major impact on the life-cycle cost of the flooring. Here is our list of the most common flooring mistakes to avoid plus tips on maintenance to help you ensure your floor is cost effective in the long run.


Inaccurate Measurements

One of the most common mistakes that people make when ordering flooring is to measure the area to be covered incorrectly. You could easily end up buying far too much flooring which will end up being a very costly mistake. The safest option is to book a home consultation with a flooring expert to make sure that the whole process goes along smoothly and mistake free.


Selecting the Flooring Product Without Considering Lifestyle Needs

Different types of floors will hold up differently depending on factors such as level of traffic, pets, kids, etc.  It is important that you consider all of these things when choosing your flooring to determine which product will best match your family’s lifestyle. Spend time talking with flooring professionals and be honest about what you do not like about your current floor and then listen to the recommendations and advice.  Be open to products you have not considered or did not know existed.


Skimping on Installation

Installing new flooring is a big investment, so you want them to be installed correctly! Make sure your flooring is installed by a professional fitter, and that they have experience dealing with that product. You want your investment to last for years, so don’t cheat yourself by cutting corners with installation!


Not Checking Our Moisture Content

Moisture is wood’s worst enemy! It can cause wood to swell or warp, so it is very important that you check the moisture content of your flooring before installing hardwoods.  If the moisture content is too high, steps can be taken to correct the issue before the wood is put down.


Not Budgeting for Underlay

It is highly likely that you will need new underlay so be sure to include the cost of this in your budget. It is surprising how many of us forget and budget for our floor without it, only to get a bit of a nasty shock!


Not Budgeting for Sub-Floor

It’s always worth taking your old flooring and underlay up and checking your sub-floor to check if you need to make any repairs. You may need to replace some floorboards or even screed the floor. If so, all of these jobs will increase the overall cost of your project so it’s best to know in advance exactly what you need to be done and how these jobs will affect your budget.


Skimping on Floor Maintenance

The level of maintenance required depends on the type of surface installed and its exposure to traffic and dirt. Regular cleaning with good quality cleaning equipment will help to remove dirt before it has a chance to become ground into the floor’s surface, damaging it and dulling its appearance. Skimping on floor maintenance will most definitely end up costing you in the long run.


It is important to consider all of the points listed above so that you don’t make any expensive mistakes when selecting your new flooring. There is a lot to think about and selecting floors can be overwhelming, so if you require any assistance in selecting a design, we are more than happy to help. Please give us a call on 02083601836.

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