7 Reasons to Love Amtico

Posted on 4th April 2018



7 Reasons to Love Amtico!

Amtico floors are very popular with our customers because they not only look great but also add a definite luxurious feel to any home or property. Besides the look and feel factor you should know about the following features if you are considering installing Amtico floors to your home.


  1. Amtico luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are very strong and durable. Every tile is engineered from heat compressed layers to combine extreme resilience and superb strength with beautiful design.
  2. Amtico works really well with under-floor heating and it wont warp or crack like natural wood.
  3. Amtico floors are extremely long lasting and as preferred Amtico suppliers and installers we offer the Lifetime Warranty on Amtico Signature floors and the 25 Year Warranty on Amtico Spacia ranges.
  4. There are so many beautiful ranges and designs to choose from. You are going to be spoilt for choice. Amtico lets you create whatever look you fancy.  You can choose across 100s of wood, stone and abstract designs to recreate the latest flooring trends and bring a fabulous finish to any room.
  5. Unlike hard wood or stone floors LVT feels soft and warm underfoot.
  6. The unique structure of Amtico LVT helps to absorb sound and create a calm and peaceful space.
  7. Unlike delicate natural surfaces, Amtico LVT takes minimum effort to maintain. Tiles are easy to clean, repair or replace so you can enjoy beautiful flooring for years to come.

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