Are your carpets Holiday-Proof?

Posted on 16th December 2014

Christmas is almost upon us, and with a lot of our time spent on organising parties and buying presents, taking precautions to protect your home can be overlooked. The festive season brings about a lot of issues that ultimately damage your flooring! Here is a quick guide on what to look out for and how best to protect your flooring, be it carpeted or hardwood.


Food and wine spills are likely to occur. Take the appropriate measures to ensure they don’t remain

Food and Wine Spills

The festive season means that everyone is in high spirits, and so food and drink spills are to be expected. Playing host comes with responsibilities, and it is important to wipe up any spills immediately. With hardwood flooring, use a soft, dry or slightly damp cloth to mop up the spill. Never use excessive amounts of water as this itself can cause stains on your floors. For carpeted flooring, it is more difficult. It is still important to clean up spills as quickly and thoroughly as possible, but steam cleaning your carpet after the party is over is ideally the best option to really ensure a clean floor.

Dirty footprints on white carpet

Don’t let winter weather reduce the life of your carpet


 Winter Weather

Typical British winter weather can mean pretty much anything:    rain, sleet, snow. As home-owners and landlords, it is important  for you to ensure your floors stay clean and  your home looks  welcoming. Use good quality entrance mats and runners in the hallways to prevent dirt and  grit entering  your home. Dirt underfoot can act like sandpaper on hardwood flooring and gets trapped in  carpets. To  really minimise the problem of getting outside dirt inside the home, ask family and friends to remove  their  footwear on arrival and this will prevent the problem from affecting all areas of the home.

Increased Foot Traffic

With all the Christmas and New Year’s parties this season, you can expect a surge in the amount of foot traffic within your home. From high heeled shoes to children running about, increased foot traffic is damaging to both hardwood and carpeted flooring. You can protect hardwood flooring by adding a further coat or coats of lacquer or oil, in particular Amtico flooring is ideal as it is already protected by a coating of super tough urethane. Another option is to add runners and rugs in hallways and high traffic areas, which also presents an opportunity to the interior design of your home. To prevent damage to carpeted flooring in particular, it is wise to politely ask guests to remove their shoes before entering your home.

It can be a chore, but taking the extra effort in protecting your flooring will prevent any damages to your guests’ impression of your home. If you are in doubt on how best to protect your hardwood or carpeted flooring, speak to a professional. We at Russdales are always ready to help.

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