Autumn 2015 Flooring & Interior Trends

Posted on 4th September 2015

Looking at the nippy weather, we’d say summer is over and autumn is here.  Now would be a good time for a home makeover or at least refurbishment of your flooring, either with a new carpet or with a change to something completely different like laminate flooring.

Of course, home-owners are not the only ones who could benefit from refurbishment, as any landlord knows, fresh flooring will give a room a new lease of life and make it vibrant once again.

Amtico Golden OakAt Russdales, we can provide you with whatever you have in mind for your new look.  We specialise in Amtico flooring, who are trend-setters making an impact on your interior design but not on the environment, as they are committed to sustainability in every aspect of their business. Here are a few flooring and interior design ideas for autumn that are right on trend.

Wood and stone in their natural form are setting a new trend emphasising an organic natural beauty in the home.  Bring nature inside; Add stone in any shape or size, or natural wood like branches or even a tree stump to create a rustic feeling.  Wood-burning stoves are also one of the top trends this autumn and make an impressive feature for your room, as well as adding some warmth to look and feel cosy as the weather outside gets more chilly.

Autumnal Colors TrendsAutumnal colours used for carpets or accessories will add depth to the décor of your home, and are another trend for this autumn.  Golden and earthy tones or grey with dusky rose as well as black and navy are the natural colours of autumn and will enhance any room.

Exotic and unique materials create something that is exclusive to you and your personality and will make your home stand out from the crowd.  With the use of striking colours, patterns and textures you can put your personal stamp on the interior design of you home.  An unmatched looks is very much on-trend.  The boards of natural solid hardwood flooring, will vary in shade and will have certain irregularities in the grain and sometimes even knots.  It is a durable yet exotic and unique look for your flooring which is nevertheless easy to maintain.

Grey TrendGrey is the perfect choice if you want a neutral look that is bang on trend.  It is a versatile colour and there are varying shades of grey to choose from, making it an ideal choice.  Grey carpets, grey tiles, grey laminate or wooden floors, the choice is yours.  They all combine well with earthy tones to bring a cosy feeling into your home and combined with pale blue tones or white, grey will radiate a feeling of calm.

Whichever one of these trends has caught your eye, choose one that complements your lifestyle. Why not look at our website and Pinterest  board for inspirational photos to start you on your journey to a new look this autumn…

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