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The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

Posted on 29th June 2016

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring? Vinyl flooring is a great option for any home. Luxury vinyl tiles are not exactly recognised as a separate flooring category but it is a term that is known all over the flooring industry. The main difference is that LVT offers 3D printing […]

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5 Fun Facts about Flooring!

Posted on 1st June 2016

5 Fun Facts about Flooring! While people may assume that a conversation about flooring is not the most interesting, the world of flooring can be a surprisingly exciting place. Don’t believe us? We thought of sharing with you some fun and fascinating facts about carpets and flooring that we have stumbled upon.   Oldest known […]

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Difference between Laminate and Vinyl Flooring?

Posted on 5th May 2016

  This is perhaps the biggest question ever discussed in the flooring industry. What is the difference between laminate and vinyl flooring and which one should you choose?  Let’s look at the facts about both of them and hopefully you will then be able to decide which option is best for you.   Laminate Flooring […]

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SPRING OFFER: Get 3 for 2 on Amtico cleaning & maintenance products!

Posted on 1st May 2016

  Spring is in full bloom and we have a very exciting offer on at the moment. You Get 3 Amtico products for the price of 2. Pick one product OR mix & match from the Amtico ‘Floorcare Maintainer’, ‘Floorcare Dressing’ and ‘Floorcare Stripper’. Either way you only pay for two! This is a deal […]

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Flooring For Your Loft Conversion

Posted on 31st March 2016

 If you are thinking of planning a family or you just need that boost of extra space, you are probably thinking of converting your loft into an additional room.  A loft conversion is a massive project and you should definitely do your research before you start any actual work.  Here are some useful insights that […]

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Hardwood & Wood-Effect Flooring Trends 2016

Posted on 25th February 2016

Hardwood & Wood-Effect Flooring Trends 2016! Installing hardwood or wood-effect flooring enhances the value of your property and is really easy to maintain. Not only this, it is also incredibly durable and aesthetically pleasing. The right choice of hardwood or wood-effect flooring can add character to your property. We have outlined what we know to […]

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Flooring at Walker Cricket Ground

Posted on 21st January 2016

Project of the Month! We recently took on to redo the flooring at Walker Cricket Ground (WCG) and it was a mammoth of a project that we finished in 5 hectic but super productive days. Read along to discover all that went on behind the scenes! Pinks Food, a new franchise has taken over at […]

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Puppies & Flooring

Posted on 7th January 2016

  In the New Year, get ready to see loads of puppy videos and pictures splashed across social media as people decide to invest in a four-legged friend over the festive period.  What about that toilet training phase and the effect it will have on your current flooring? How can you make sure there is […]

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Protecting your Floor from Party Hazards

Posted on 15th December 2015

Accidents happen! Christmas is almost upon us. It’s a great time to organise parties and get-togethers with family and friends, but don’t overlook protecting your floor from party hazards. Increased foot traffic and winter weather wear and tear could damage your flooring and cause you problems in the New Year. With the wine flowing some […]

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Real Christmas Tree and Flooring

Posted on 11th December 2015

    There’s nothing like a real Christmas tree to get you in the festive spirit.  Not only is it absolutely on trend, but it also looks and smells much better than a fake tree.  What could be more Christmasy than the fresh smell of a real Christmas tree in your home.  A real tree […]

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