Carpet or Laminates for Rented Property?

Posted on 16th April 2015

For both landlords and homeowners, when you are looking to makeover your property the renovation process always proves difficult. The flooring in a property has a huge impact in how appealing the interior design of a property can be to potential tenants. Take a look at our summary of the strengths & weaknesses of laminate flooring and carpets to help you make your choice this spring.


Laminate Flooring requires less maintenance than carpets do. Regular sweeping & mopping is enough to remove dirt & grit.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Both carpets and laminate flooring need regular maintenance. Carpets are much more prone to attracting and holding dirt. Spillages on carpets are also harder to clean and odours may be retained in the carpet fibres. Laminate flooring needs less attention. All tenants need to do is regularly vacuum, mop up spills promptly and not to use too much water when washing the floor. Carpets on the other hand require a specialist vacuum and shampoo, which is likely to be more expensive.


The durability of your chosen carpet may have to endure spillages and iron burns from your tenants.


When refurbishing your property, the flooring  you put in is going to be one of the most  expensive items so you need to make sure it is  durable. It is possible to find carpets made of  synthetic fibres that are very tough, even if they are not the most aesthetically pleasing. The main  risk affecting the durability of your carpet is the prospect of spillages and iron burns from your  tenants. Cheap laminate flooring is highly susceptible to damages so it is important not to go for  the cheapest option. Though in general laminate flooring is much more durable; it can withstand a  lot more abuse than carpets as after a while, carpet will start to fray and show obvious signs of wear.

 Time taken to fit


Always ensure that the person(s) you have fitting your laminate flooring boards is a professional with several years experience.

Carpets can be fitted quicker than laminates and will incur fewer installation costs. Laminates take a lot more time to fit, as the boards have to be cut to size to fit each room and skirting boards. Some homeowners and landlords attempt to cut costs by fitting the laminate flooring on their own. Please note we do not recommend this as it is very difficult to achieve a professional finish.

Overall cost
Both come in a wide range of qualities and prices. In rented properties however, it would be easier to get away with a cheap carpet, but you could not use cheap laminate flooring as these will chip during footing and will highly susceptible to damage. Carpets would be cheaper, though laminate flooring is still a popular choice with landlords as it is cheaper to repair than carpets as certain boards can be removed & replaced, whereas with carpets the entire room would need re-carpeting to repair a damaged carpet.

Both carpet and laminate are great options but it appears laminate flooring is more attractive for rented properties, as it is more durable and easy to maintain.

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If in doubt, speak to a professional to protect your flooring or repair any damage. We at Russdales are always ready to help.

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