Demand for flooring and carpet to increase

Posted on 14th March 2013

World demand for carpets and flooring will increase, according to By 2016, demand is expected to be at 18.6 billion square metres with an approximate rise of five per cent a year.

This is a marked improvement from the rate of 2006-2011 as many countries continue to recover from the financial crisis of 2008. The value of flooring is predicted to grow by almost seven per cent a year until 2016 to more than £157 billion. cited a report that predicted the majority of the demand will come from developed countries who are rebounding in the residential construction market. Meanwhile developing countries are also expected to increase expenditure on construction, leading to more flooring supplies being needed.

The increase in demand for flooring may find new fashions emerge throughout the year. People currently making decisions about new flooring now could become the trend-setters for the next few years.

Laminate flooring and real wood flooring are predicted to be key surfaces for 2013 with sales set to remain strong. Laminate flooring in particular is predicted to gain in popularity due to its ease of maintenance and durability.

With the recent cold weather, carpets may see a boom of interest as people look to keep their feet warm inside the house.

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