Flood damage “could have been much worse”, claims flood victim

Posted on 28th November 2012

An Essex man who was woken by his cat in the middle of the night to find his home flooded has said that the damage “could have been much worse”.

Ike Ekpunobi, of Nevendon Road, Wickford, has said in the wake of the discovery that he is both thankful to his cat Tigger, for alerting him to the danger, and thankful that he was insured for the damage.

Upon being woken by Tigger at around 3am, Mr Ekpunobi raised the alarm to firefighters who helped pump water out from his home. Both the living room and kitchen were flooded up to ankle-depth, the victim told thebasildonrecorder.co.uk.

“If it wasn’t for my cat I probably would have slept through it and it could have been much worse,” said Mr Ekpunobi, who explained that he was in a state of shock upon waking.

“I had reached the kitchen but the damage isn’t too bad and it could have been much worse,” he added, explaining that the affected parts of his real wood flooring can be easily replaced.

Mr Ekpunobi’s ordeal is just one of hundreds being reported up and down the country. In particular, flooding has been a major issue in households in North Wales and the South East of England.

Today (November 28) dailymail.co.uk writes that flood victims could be told by insurers that they’ll need to spend up to ‘tens of thousands of pounds on waterproof doors, plastic floors and river defences’ if they want to be insured. The move is just on option currently being thrashed out in talks between government and insurers, says the publication.

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