Flooring can affect psychological well-being

Posted on 18th April 2013

Choosing a new flooring concept is not an easy task, especially given the associated psychological effects. With so many options available, it’s crucial to weigh up every alternative before committing to any one thing.

According to experts writing at scheritagecorridor.org, research shows that a person’s surroundings can have a profound effect on their mental well-being, from colour palette to pattern. It’s something that interior designers are increasingly bearing in mind.

The research, compiled by behavioural scientists, claims that real wood flooring comes top in terms of ‘encouraging calm and stimulating intelligence’.

Most people choose neutral floors in one colour, shying away from bright and intense accents. While a cream or beige might seamlessly coordinate with existing furniture or wall paper, not all colours are ‘right’ for each room, according to dubaichronicle.com.

Red is great in a kitchen as it evokes strong emotions, like passion and anger. It’s said it can also increase the appetite. Red carpets in the lounge, however, might be too bold. Green, meanwhile, is a healing and revitalising shade which can affect the health, this might be better suited for the lounge or bedroom.    

Blue is a relaxing colour, unsurprisingly, but yellow should be avoided as it apparently can cause eye strain and encourage nervousness. Keep it out of baby’s nurseries, as it is more likely to make the tot cry than soothe it.

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