Flooring For Your Loft Conversion

Posted on 31st March 2016

 bathroom-1228427_1920If you are thinking of planning a family or you just need that boost of extra space, you are probably thinking of converting your loft into an additional room.  A loft conversion is a massive project and you should definitely do your research before you start any actual work.  Here are some useful insights that will help you select & plan the right flooring for your loft conversion.


First and foremost, think about under the loft floor

Before you do anything else, think about what you will be using the new loft space for.  While the space is empty it’s the best time to install electricity and lay the broadband and telephone cables.  Depending on what your loft conversion plan, you might want to think about whether you need to get it soundproofed at this stage.  If you are going to have music, TV or children playing in the loft, soundproofing could be a good idea.



The flooring solutions for a loft conversion are endless, although we wouldn’t recommend stone because it is heavy and difficult to transport to the loft.



If you would like to have a wooden floor, you will need to decide whether it should be real wood or engineered wood.  The temperature and moisture levels in lofts are usually different to most other rooms in the house.  Real wood tends to expand and contract more than engineered wood does, when confronted with substantial fluctuations of temperature and moisture levels, making engineered wood the better option for a loft.



Choosing the flooring is mostly dependent on what you are going to be using the space for and ease of care.  If your budget is limited and you need flooring that is easy to clean, then laminate is probably the best choice for you.  You could also consider vinyl.



Perhaps you are thinking of using the loft for an extra bedroom or some living space, in which case you might want to have soft, thick pile carpeting to make it more cosy.  If you would like something more hard-wearing, there’s jute, sisal or sea-grass.

If you are at all confused or not sure about anything regarding your loft conversion, do not hesitate to contact us and get professional advice from our flooring specialists. We are known for our personalised service and we readily hand out valuable advice to any potential clients.  Why not give us a call on 0208 360 1836 to discuss the best flooring options for your home?


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