Flooring Tips to Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

Posted on 28th January 2017

Flooring Tips to Make Your Rooms Look Bigger

There are lots of different ways that you can make a small room look bigger, but choosing the correct flooring can impact this in a big way too. In todays’ blog post we will provide you with some clever tips on how to choose the right flooring to create space and instantly make your smallest room look much bigger.


Use wide planks


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Wide plank refers to boards that are usually 5” or more. By using this type of plank there are less seams which in turn creates a more open pattern. Wide planks are a simple and effective way to ensure that your floor doesn’t appear busy or confining.


 Lay the floor diagonally

amtico diagonal

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Whatever type of flooring you choose, be it laminate, vinyl or porcelain; laying materials on a diagonal will definitely help you create space. This technique tricks the eye into seeing the flooring pattern from a different viewpoint and creates more of a visual interest. For natural flooring solutions such as solid or engineered hardwood, laying the boards parallel to the longest wall will help you achieve this technique.


Use large tiles


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In order to make your room look bigger, make sure you select flooring tiles that are larger than the standard 12” size. Although porcelain is a favoured choice for tiled flooring, Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is becoming increasingly popular and are a fantastic way to create the illusion of more space. They come in a variety of natural flooring styles and are readily available in 16”.


 Don’t be afraid to have darker toned floors

dark colours

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Because light tones tend to brighten the room and create space, many homeowners steer clear of using dark wood floors. However, when paired with the right wall colour and trim, it can definitely make a small room appear much bigger.


Consistency in flooring is key



Having different flooring in each room chops up the visual space and makes individual rooms look smaller. By using the same flooring across your entire space, you will unify the look and thus create a visual illusion of a much larger space. At least try and have some consistency in the colour scheme in your flooring choices to make it look seamless throughout your home.

As well as flooring there are many other interior design tips that you can use at home to create space. Firstly, it is important to generate a light and airy atmosphere. This can be done by painting the walls in light colours, using mirrors and letting in as much natural light as possible. It is also important to de clutter, especially when showing your home to potential buyers, as clutter can make any room appear confined.

We hope that this blog has given you some helpful tips on how to create space within your home. If you are looking for further interior inspiration & ideas for your home décor, you can also browse through our gallery. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information and advice. We at Russdales are always here to help!

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