Hardwood or Tile flooring in your Kitchen?

Posted on 16th February 2015

Choosing the right flooring is one of the most important decisions you will make when refurbishing your home. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen and because of this, it is vital to take time in deciding upon your ideal option for your flooring makeover. There are a lot of points to consider when determining whether hardwood flooring or tile flooring is the best choice for you.


Tiled flooring comes in a range of colours and materials.

If tile flooring is what you are after, there are a range of materials available, including ceramic, porcelain, quarry and terra  cotta. Tile flooring options are popular due to their low maintenance as they easy to clean and water resistance – a very  positive factor especially for your kitchen flooring.

Hardwood flooring on the other hand, is vulnerable to spillages and scratches as it is not so durable and water resistant. It is not designed to withstand excessive water or humidity, so frequent spills can damage the  floor after time.


Hardwood flooring can be damaged if it comes into contact with excessive amounts of water.

With regards to repair work, homeowners can repair their hardwood flooring  by sanding, and furthermore hardwood flooring  can be re-stained and resealed to change the interior design. On the other hand,  repairing damages on tile  flooring is often  difficult unless individual tiles are changed.

When factoring in comfort, hardwood flooring (such as those from the Amtico flooring range) can be installed with under-floor heating making it a more popular choice with homeowners and landlords alike. Tiles can be uncomfortable to walk, particularly with bare feet, as they are often cold and hard.

Although both flooring options are expensive to begin with, tile and hardwood flooring will add value to your home but more so with hardwood flooring. This is because in recent years, hardwood flooring is increasing in popularity meaning the demand for this type of flooring is also on the increase.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to take into account before making a final decision on your flooring option. If in doubt, speak to a professional to help you select the perfect choice for your home and ensure that your flooring is protected or repair any damage. We at Russdales are always ready to help.

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