Homeowners urged to take preventative measures

Posted on 10th December 2012

Homeowners have been told that they are best off taking preventative measures in their house, as opposed to reacting to problems.

Mark Hebblewhite, director of the maintenance firm Meddo Lincoln, told thisislincolnshire.co.uk that some simple precautions could help people avoid having to pay for expensive repairs when the winter weather properly kicks in.

The extreme cold and heavy rain can cause real issues for homeowners, potentially leading to safety problems later down the line if the gas or electrics are affected. It is also important to stop draughts, so that warm air does not escape between the door and real wood flooring, or around windows, for example.

Mr Hebblewhite said: “The winters are getting colder and less predictable, so before the worst weather takes hold it is worth homeowners taking a good look at their properties, because there are preventative measures that can be taken.

“Some can be handled by the occupants themselves, but others need professional assistance, but it is better to head these problems off than to be searching for help when things go wrong.”

According to sky.com, temperatures are due to be very cold this week, largely down to a weather front dubbed ‘the beast from the east’, which is coming in from the east coast. Temperatures in London have been predicted to fall to -6 degrees C, with snow likely to fall in the capital.

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