Hotel colour codes floors for Manchester Derby

Posted on 10th April 2013

A hotel in Manchester has gave itself a makeover in order to welcome two sets of very opposing football fans, reports.

With Monday’s (8 April) very high profile local derby between first and second-placed Manchester United and Manchester City, it appeared that the entire area went either red or blue for the night. The Piccadilly Premier Inn, located in Dale Street, was no exception.

The hotel was fitted with a few special touches to allow fans from either side to enjoy their stay – and no doubt minimise any clashes. Staff replaced existing carpets on two floors with one in United’s red and a second in blue to represent City.

Several of the rooms were renamed to allow both camps to relax in peace. United fans could enjoy ‘The Treble Room’ or ‘The Champion’s Suite’ in reference of their previous achievements, while City supporters were allotted ‘The Aguero Suite’ and room ’93:20′ – the time at which they snatched the title last year.

With City closing United’s lead on the title in what called a ‘frenetic night’, perhaps the hotel should consider red and blue striped carpets in the lobby, or decorating its stair rods with blue and red ribbons? The race isn’t over yet, clearly.

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