How to Spring Clean your Floors

Posted on 28th March 2017



How to Spring Clean your Floors

We are well into spring, the clocks have changed and it’s officially BST! The days are longer and brighter, and everyone is getting ready for a big spring clean. This is a great opportunity to give your floors a thorough cleanse. Whatever your floor type, we have all the tips, tricks and hacks that you need to know to keep them looking squeaky clean.



Regular vacuuming is essential maintenance for carpets as it prevents loose dirt and grit from damaging the carpet fibres, particularly in high-traffic areas. In order to give your carpets a really deep clean you need to use a steam cleaner. If you are feeling up to the task you can hire a machine and do it yourself, or call a professional to come in and do it for you.

Vinyl flooring is a popular choice of flooring as it requires little maintenance. Simply vacuum or sweep the floors regularly to remove dust and grit that could otherwise result in scratch marks. Once a week try to wipe down the floors with a vinyl-safe cleaner or mild detergent and water. If you have any stubborn stains you can also try using lemon juice or isopropyl alcohol.



Regular cleaning is important when maintaining any type of flooring, and wooden floors are no different. Sweeping and hoovering wooden floors each week helps to prevent dirt and grit from harming your floor’s finish. Mopping the floors with soapy cleaner will give it a much deeper clean, but make sure to ring out your mop well so that it is damp and not wet. Too much water will saturate wooden flooring and cause damage.



As well as regularly sweeping and vacuuming, wiping laminate floors once in a while with a lightly dampened towel or mop in a small amount of the cleaning solution to give your floors a really thorough cleanse. It is very important not to saturate the floors as laminate flooring is prone to water marks more than any other. After cleaning, take a soft cloth and make sure that the floor is totally dry. This stage is as important as the clean itself.


Engineered wood

You should frequently sweep and vacuum engineered wood floors first to remove any dirt and grit that could cause scratch marks. For a deeper clean mop the floors with a wood-safe cleaner and warm water. Similarly to wooden and laminate flooring, make sure the mop is as dry as it can be. To make sure that all traces of cleaning fluid have gone, take a bucket of just warm water and mop again. Once you have finished mopping, dry the wood with a soft cloth and buff with a towel to make it shine. Any liquid left can cause permanent damage.


We hope that these guidelines help you in your spring cleaning, giving your floors a new lease of life! Do you have any top tips for cleaning that we have missed? Share in the comments down below.


Troj says:

Steam cleaning is worth considering – it delivers powerful deep cleaning to hard floors without harmful chemicals and can do wonders with tiles.

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