Interior Design Trends for Summer 2015

Posted on 13th May 2015

Summer 2015 is right around the corner and we have all the up and coming trends for the season. We at Russdales have the insight on this summer’s interior design tips to ensure that when you makeover your home, your decorating style stands out!

Bold Patterns

Bold patterns are ideal for making a statement in your home décor. These patterns can be anything from stripes to floral!

 Bold Patterns/Geometry
With summer approaching, bold and powerful patterns push to the forefront of the interior design world. There is a wide  range of potential choices for homeowners and landlords alike, from floral and wildlife designs to geometry. Monochrome  is hot on the scene once again, and combining this with bold straight lines or chequered patterns can really give your home  the ‘wow’ factor. There are many ways to incorporate these bold patterns, for example using wallpaper, cushions, rugs or,  as seen in the picture, stair runners.

Beach-Style Colours

Beach-style colours are great for bringing the true feeling of summer into your home using bright and cheerful colours.

 Beach-Style Colours
Beach-style colours such as blue, turquoise and coral reflect the bright and cheerful vibes of summer. It is one trend that  doesn’t require a full renovation of the house. It is easy to implement with a few  minor tweaks such as a new rug (see picture), and you can experiment with different  colour combinations and contrasts to find the one that’s right for your home.

Warm pastels

Warm Pastels can be used in many different parts of your home décor and can make a room feel larger and more spacious.

Warm Pastels
Warm pastels are ideal to help your house looking fresh in the spring and summer seasons. The lighter shades can be incorporated into the flooring be it laminate or carpet to help make a room feel larger and more spacious.  In the picture, you can see how the homeowner as incorporated the warm  pastel colours in the upholstery and curtains.


Watercolour designs can be found in a range of colours and designs and are a great way of complementing your chosen colour combinations in your rooms.

If you’re feeling adventurous, using watercolours as part of your interior design is a great way to truly convey the  charm of summer and really be on top of the trends. In the image shown, you can see how watercolours have been  incorporated into the bedroom with the image printed on the as well as accessories with watercolour prints seen  in the cushions on the bed and the painting next to the bed.

Cool Greys

Nothing says Summer like a relaxing environment. Neutral grey colours are ideal for encouraging this setting in your home.

Grey Colours
Neutral grey colours are a timeless shade which also encourage a relaxing environment. Teaming neutral greys and whites keep the look stylish and sophisticated. Stripped floorboards in grey, as pictured, are a practical and  traditional way to implement this interior design trend, and coupled with the  white walls the room looks effortlessly chic.

What better way to kick start the British summer than with a home makeover! If  you are considering using your flooring to implement any of the above trends, or if you are looking for something new,  speak to a professional at Russdales. We are always ready to help. says:

One of my favourite colour trends for the year, this beautiful soft colour, works well with greys and blonde timbers as well as last year’s metallics,” she says.

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