Interior designer recommends wood in the home for “ambience”

Posted on 26th March 2013

An interiors writer has recommended using wood in the home to create a sense of “ambience”.

Jacky Hayler, writing for, claims that using wood in the home will bring a calming influence into the home. This could include the use of wood furniture or real wood flooring. She also claims that the trend will support sustainable designs within homes.

She writes: “Using organic materials and light textures creates a calming ambience and by using wood it will follow another trend which has been around for some time and is now on the increase, namely sustainable design.”

Ms Hayler’s  comments coincide with an article published on earlier this month, which claims that using wood is an ideal way to bring nature into the home – a big interior deign trend for 2013.

In her article, the writer also talks about grey tones being one of the “hottest looks of the year” for homes. She claims that this is partly due to the way muted tones can be complemented by lighting, claiming low-energy interior lighting has allowed the cooler colours in the spectrum to “look great in domestic homes at last.”

It is also claimed bold colours are set to be commonplace in the home over the next year.

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