Is your floor winter-ready?

Posted on 30th October 2013

The autumn/winter season brings with it harsh weather conditions, which means that extra precautions must be taken to protect your floors. The change in seasons also means that the festive season is soon upon us! This traditionally means that family and friends will be creating a lot of foot traffic in our homes and this can, again, be a cause for concern for floor protection. The main concerns for floor protection in the winter are as follows:

Draughts from cracks in floors
Wooden flooring, whether in an old home or new, can crack. In most cases, the cause of this is excess humidity where the wood absorbs the excess moisture and swells. This extreme pressure build up forces the wooden planks to move and crack creating draughts which have the same effect as leaving a small window wide open. To keep warm in the winter and protect your floors, use a sealant, available from any good homeware store, to ensure the crack is sealed.

Wet and dirty floors
Winter weather brings with it snow, slush, mud and rain which all manage to find their way into the house. Any of these can stain and warp flooring, and can even lead to mould growing in and under your floors! It may seem obvious but the key is to keep floors dry! Unless you have 100% waterproof flooring, make extra efforts this season to keep any liquid from just sitting on the floor as this will undoubtedly cause warping and staining of your hardwood floors. Even if it isn’t all year round, a good idea would be to enforce a ‘shoes off’ approach especially on wet weather days.

Foot traffic
With Christmas nearing ever closer, it is important to prepare your floors for the increase of foot traffic that comes with this festive season. Buy rugs and stair runners and lay them where you expect a majority of your traffic to be. These will help dramatically to protect your wood from scuffmarks. This festive season, to further prevent this type of damage to your floors, let guests know that their shoes should be taken off upon entering your house.

Food and drink spills
Food and drink spills are a common occurrence during the festive season. Any should be cleaned up right away, otherwise they can cause stains and on carpets they begin to attract bugs and house pets. Laying down rugs and stair runners when you are expecting a lot of guests this festive season not only protects your floors from an increase in foot traffic and wet and dirty floors, but is a must when hosting parties as it will also protect your floors from any food or drink spills.

Winter can be a tough season for your floors. With the harsh weather conditions and the festive season on its way, it is important to protect your floors using the above advice to help it to stay clean and ensure that your flooring looks better for longer.

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