Keep Your Floors in Top Shape over Xmas

Posted on 22nd December 2017




5 tips to keep your floors in top shape over the Xmas period.

If you are entertaining guests this holiday season then be sure to go through these tips to keep your floors happy and healthy too!

  1. Have a strict ‘No Shoes Inside Policy’– Be sure to let your guests know about this as well as place visible racks/trays in your hallway so that your guests can keep their shoes in the designated shoe area. Take a step further have a fun sign at your hallway right above the racks telling people to remove their shoes before entering. You could even offer your guests clean cozy slippers as they remove their shoes.
  2. Doormats– Doormats are great all year round but even more so around Christmas as they tackle salt grit spread outdoors in this snowy weather. They also help collect all the dirt & debris from shoes.
  3. Rugs– Area rugs act as a great extra layer of protection especially in your high traffic areas such as living & dining room and hallways.
  4. Christmas Tree Protection– Having a real tree in the house is great but can be hazardous to your floor’s health. Make sure you have a wide/deep enough stand/tub or something like that to collect any spills. Incase of a spill be sure to wipe it immediately.
  5. Carpet Cleaning– Getting your carpet professionally cleaned before the festive period can be very tempting, however if you are hosting a big party or several parties, it might just be worth waiting until the new year!

We hope you have the best time with your loved ones. Here’s wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Russdales Flooring.

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