How to Make your Hallway Standout

Posted on 2nd November 2016


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Make your hallway standout, here’s how.

Hallways do not necessarily get a lot of attention from homeowners but are literally the entry point to any home, they can make a lasting impression and should not be overlooked. Having an entry point to your home that really gives a wow factor can be extremely useful if you are trying to rent or sell. In todays’ blog post we will share a few tips that will help you make your hallway stand out.

Striped Carpet for the Staircase


Transform your staircase into a statement feature using striped carpets, an interior fashion trend that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Vertical stripes create the illusion of space by elongating your stairs, so they can really help make your home feel airy and open. The stair case in any home is a high traffic area, and busy stripes are fantastic for concealing dirt and wear and tear on your floors.

Using different widths of stripes is another technique that also gives your home a striking look and will definitely grab the attention of anyone entering your home.

Contrasting Floor with Staircase 

Another great way to get a stunning look is to have your stair runner & stair case in a stunning contrast against the hallway floor. Monochrome LVT or grey tiles or real wood or any natural wood effect tiles against a striped stair runner make a striking statement. If the flooring in the hallway is off-white or beige then going for bright stripes on the staircase will create a statement look without going too overboard.


Putting up mirrors in the hallway is a brilliant way to add light and will definitely brighten up any room. They are also a great way of creating space and making the hallway appear larger than it is.

Paint your hallway light & bright


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By painting your hallway in light and bright colours, this will consequently ensure that lighten and brighten the area. It will make the hallway seem airy and inviting to any guests or even potential buyers.

Feature Wall of Pictures

By introducing a feature wall with paintings and pictures, you are offering visitors an insight into your world. Whether you opt for pieces of artwork or personal family photos, adding these points of interest adds a sense of personality to your home that will charm your visitors and brighten up the room.

Inviting Scents

Real estate agents will usually suggest baking bread or biscuits before potential buyers arrive, but rather than baking every day, you can use candles, fresh flowers or even a simple room fragrance. These will guarantee that your guests feel warmed and welcomed.

Hopefully we have given you some ideas on how to make your hallway both striking and welcoming. We definitely recommend striped carpets, and for further interior inspiration & ideas you can also browse through our gallery. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information and advice on 020 8360 1836. We at Russdales are always here to help!

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