Most Popular Parquet Flooring Designs

Posted on 1st September 2017



Most Popular Parquet Flooring Designs

Parquet Flooring can be defined as a type of geometric mosaic installation of solid or engineered wood or wood-effect tiles. Parquetry first originated in Versailles in 1684 as an alternate to high-maintenance marble flooring and then parquet floors became immensely popular and were installed  across France through the 16th and 17th century.

Parquet designs are some of the most sought-after floors and this style of flooring has been steadily making a major comeback in the interior design market. It is both durable and elegant, and has a plethora of artistic designs allowing you to really get creative.

Parquet flooring with its beautiful and intricate designs is rather tricky to install and we highly recommend hiring a professional to plan, design & fit the floor for you.

Here we have outlined a brief description of the most popular parquet flooring designs.





Herringbone parquet flooring is one of the most popular choices with clients at large as it creates a stunning look. This pattern is named after the Herringbone fish as it resembles the fish’s bone structure. The herringbone planks come in rectangles which are laid at a 90-degree angle to finish the look.



This style is very similar to Herringbone, but instead of rectangular planks, Chevron planks are cut at an angle to create the arrow like effect. Chevron flooring is usually more expensive due to the skilled craftsmanship that goes into cutting and installing.


Basket Weave


This quintessential block style of parquetry comes in a few variations as it can be installed diagonally or parallel to the wall.  And as parquet floors this too is great for large, open areas in your home.


Double Herringbone

A variation to the herringbone pattern, as the name suggests here the planks laid doubled-up to create a unique design.



Simply put, brick pattern replicates conventional brickwork. It may not be the most exciting choice but its a safe choice and will stand the test of time.


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