New Year; New Floor

Posted on 12th January 2015

2015 is finally here and with it comes everyone’s much anticipated New Year resolutions! After the winter party season, it is likely that your floor or carpet has gone through some damage and general wear and tear. So despite the usual focus being on your own health and fitness, your home and particularly your floor deserve some improvements too. Here are some key points for all you home-owners and landlords to remember when organising your New Year flooring renovations.


Remember to always take accurate measurements of your floor plans before you begin the planning stage.

Measure Everything
It is important to take clear and accurate drawings of floor plans, elevation and furniture placement. When giving your floors a makeover, it is important to get the sizing right to achieve a perfect finish. Take into account door sizes and stairwells to ensure that your new flooring fits your home perfectly. A rough estimate is not enough to go on.

Hiring Cowboy Builders

It is important to be suspicious of an estimate or quote that is considerably cheap, or of someone who is available for work immediately. In order to avoid hiring cowboy builders, be sure to ask for references, and speak to their previous clients. Where possible, get into a conversation with a previous client and see how they would review the builder and how well the job was done. Refurbishing and renovation can become a nightmare when the job isn’t done properly.

Tax calculator and pen

Renovation costs may prove greater than you first thought.

 Be Realistic About Renovation Costs

Renovation always costs more than you expected. One reason for this is because some problems are not revealed until you start work and uncover them, but mostly because items are forgotten from the budget, or because you change your mind and alter the design. An example would be to consider cheaper  flooring options, such as laminate flooring instead of hardwood flooring. In order to get a decent estimate of costs, look at other people’s projects and expect to spend a similar amount, or alternatively get a builder’s estimate.

 Using the Wrong Materials

It is really important to make sure new materials are compatible with your house’s current ones. The use of  modern resistant materials, such as hard cement mixes, plastics and waterproof paint, can result in all  sorts of problems in period houses that are constructed using traditional materials. Using incompatible  materials like this can lead to damp that can ultimately result in damage to the structure of the house.

Take Plenty of Pictures
It is a good idea to take pictures and document the whole renovation process. This makes it easier to refer back to stages and changes in the process and to really appreciate the transformation you have created in your interior design. It will also help you to remember unexpected problems and points to consider for the next time you engage in refurbishing part of your home.

No matter how organised or experienced you are, renovating is a stressful and time consuming process. If in doubt, speak to a professional for advice on your flooring renovation plans. We at Russdales are always ready to help.

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