Non-traditional use of flooring gaining popularity

Posted on 18th December 2012

Flooring is not just being used on the ground any more, as many designers are choosing to find new ways to use such materials.

Rather than sticking to paint or wallpaper on the walls and ceilings, many companies have decided to put flooring up the sides and top of their buildings. In fact, popular chain restaurant Wagamama is one of the restaurants that has done this, reports.

The website noted: “Timber is still considered a leading flooring product but is being reinvented by the desire to align design with nature. Darker woods are sharing a colour palette with lighter hues, bringing about a more natural ambiance.”

While most people who buy laminate flooring or other similar products tend to want to redo the floor in their homes, this new trend could provide some inspiration for those who want their house or business to look a little different from the norm.

The concept was discussed in a blog post earlier this year by, which admitted that it may seem “crazy” to put flooring on the walls, but stressed that it can look “stunning”.

Another innovative idea put forward by the website was for people to create their own bedhead out of wood flooring; it can work out much cheaper and look as simple or extravagant as the creators want.

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