Protecting your Floor from Party Hazards

Posted on 15th December 2015

Accidents happen!

Dirty Floor after PartyChristmas is almost upon us. It’s a great time to organise parties and get-togethers with family and friends, but don’t overlook protecting your floor from party hazards. Increased foot traffic and winter weather wear and tear could damage your flooring and cause you problems in the New Year. With the wine flowing some of your guests might get drunk and then there is more likelihood of spillages.

If you are having a party with food and wine any time over the Festive Season, then you need to be prepared for crumbs and spills on the floor, or at least know how to deal with them after everyone has gone. The quicker you do something the better, so have a damp cloth and paper towels ready for any spillages.

Increased foot traffic throughout your house, and children running around, call for extra precautions. The area to suffer the most will be near the front door but the water and dirt will be carried around the house too.

Mats and rugs are the answer to winter weather problems. There can be a lot of damage done to the floors due to snow, salt and sand. The snow leaves wet patches when it thaws, and they in turn could ruin your carpets or warp your wooden floors. Salt and sand are often used to protect the roads and pavements, and having a mat at the front door and rugs carefully scattered in the hallway will catch the majority of these being walked into the house.  Otherwise, the grit will act like sandpaper on your wooden floors which will leave scratches. It will also lodge in your carpets and sink to the base where it’ll be more difficult to remove.

After your guests have left, it is best to clean up as soon as possible. Vacuum your carpets throughout, taking your time to be sure you remove all dirt and food particles. There could be a lot of dirt that you can’t see with the naked eye but that, nevertheless, needs to be removed too, to prolong the life of your carpet. Using a steam cleaner after the festivities would be an added bonus, but definitely not an industrial one as these are too harsh for domestic carpets. Sweep any wood, laminate or tiled floors to get rid of dirt, sand and crumbs and then clean over with a damp mop. If your hardwood floor is badly damaged, you might need to reseal or re-oil it.

As preventative flooring care, you might want to have an allocated area in the hallway for wet shoes. If you have guests coming during the wintery weather, ask them to leave their shoes there. During the party season you are also likely to have quite a few guests wearing high heels. In general, these can be very damaging to a wooden floor.  As with water and grit, having strategically placed rugs could be helpful if your guests do not want to take their high-heeled shoes off.

Finally, if you have pets, be sure to get the animals’ toenails clipped otherwise your wooden floor will become scratched. To prevent any water spillage, provide your pets with non-spill water-bowls.

If you encounter any problems speak to one of our professionals for flooring advice. At Russdales, we are always ready to help whenever we can.  Call us on 0208 360 1836

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