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Posted on 7th January 2016



In the New Year, get ready to see loads of puppy videos and pictures splashed across social media as people decide to invest in a four-legged friend over the festive period.  What about that toilet training phase and the effect it will have on your current flooring? How can you make sure there is no lasting damage and that there are no hazards around for your new pet?



Pros and cons of flooring options with puppies

  • Vinyl is the floor covering of choice for puppies. It is almost completely waterproof if using a luxury brand like Amtico and it is resilient.  Amtico is available in a large variety of designs, so designer flooring is still an option.  Wood effect vinyl is available too if you’d prefer a wooden floor but have ruled it out because it is not suitable for dogs.
  • Tiles vary according to their composition. Impervious tiles such as porcelain and glass usually only allow 0.5% of water through them, whereas vitreous tiles allow between 0.5% and 3%, depending on the brand.  Ceramic can be either impervious or vitreous, so you will need to ask an expert flooring specialist before you buy those.  Do not get marble.
  • Laminates are often only water resistant so they are not suitable for the puddles you might have to deal with when you first bring your puppy home or if it isn’t cleaned up immediately. However, they are also available coated with a waterproofing substance.


Products that can be used to clean effectively without pet hazard

If accidents do occur, you can use biological soap powder, warm water and vinegar or, you can buy special products specifically for floor care in these situations.  Of course, in winter there are also muddy paws that bring in mud and dirt, so the best thing to do is to clean paws and floors regularly.

You could also have mats inside the front and back doors to catch the worst of the dirt.  As for spills from eating and drinking, the easiest thing to do is to keep a clean mat under the bowls.

Toilet-training phase

Puppies usually urinate at least 12 times a day.  It is best for you to be with your puppy at all times so that you can take them outside every half an hour to avoid any accidents, and also so that your puppy doesn’t get anxious without you.  Use your chosen words (for urine or faeces) when they perform, so they know what they are doing and can repeat the action later on demand, or you can just say ‘hurry up’ or ‘be quick’ which they will learn to recognize too.  No scolding!!

How to handle accidents

Prevention is better than cure! If you observe your puppy very carefully you will quickly recognize when they usually need to go, and be ready to go outside with them. The usual times are on waking, after a rest, after eating or drinking, after playing or exercise and whenever they are excited.

If they have an accident, ignore it and clean the floor immediately, but don’t scold your puppy or it will be scared of performing in front of you in the future.

If you have any questions about protecting your flooring or repairing any damage done, speak to a professional.  We are always ready to help and advise you on any flooring matters, and we are your North London Amtico specialists.  Visit our showrooms or give us a call on 0208 360 1836.


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