Real Christmas Tree and Flooring

Posted on 11th December 2015

Real Christmas Tree



There’s nothing like a real Christmas tree to get you in the festive spirit.  Not only is it absolutely on trend, but it also looks and smells much better than a fake tree.  What could be more Christmasy than the fresh smell of a real Christmas tree in your home.  A real tree needs the right care or it could prove to be disastrous for your real wood, carpets and laminate flooring.

Not to worry!  With our clever tips and tricks you could prevent a major mishap and avoid potential flooring disasters.


Choose the right tree for your home

Not all Christmas trees are the same.  You can choose from pines, firs and spruces, for example.  They all respond differently to being indoors and some cope better than others.  One of the most important things about choosing your tree, is to make sure that it is fresh.  The fresher the better.  A fresh real Christmas tree not only looks better but it last longer and sheds more slowly.

Know your tree

When buying, check for freshness by asking about deliveries, or test for yourself. Run your finger along one of the branches to see if lots of green needles fall off, or lift the tree and then bang it on the ground in the hope that a huge shower of green needles does not fall to the ground!

A Blue Spruce will drop quickly if the room gets too warm. Balsam and Fraser Fir trees hold their needles well, but Scottish Pines can hold on to their needles for up to four weeks.

Taking care of your tree

When and how to water the tree is key to it lasting throughout the Christmas period. Hydrate the tree as soon as you get it home and continue to keep sufficient water in the stand at all times.

Saw off at least an inch from the trunk immediately and then an inch each week, for maximum absorption.  If this isn’t done, a thick resin will form on the bottom of the trunk which will prevent water being absorbed.

Don’t place the tree near any kind of heat or in direct sunlight, as they will dry it out.  The best place for your tree is in a cool corner.

Don’t have too many decorations as the weight will damage the tree. Lights should be small so they are not too heavy and don’t radiate too much heat.

Water and your floors

When watering it’s very important not to spill any water onto a wooden floor.  If it is left, it will cause the wood to swell, cap and stain.  It is essential to wipe any spillage immediately.

Don’t be tempted to put anything under the Christmas tree stand. Whether plastic, fabric or newspaper, if anything is put underneath, you will be left with a stain.

Safety and Pets

It’s important to turn the lights off at night and whenever you leave the house, especially if you have pets who have access to the room with the tree in it.

An energetic pet is rather a hazard around Christmas trees.  Never leave a pet alone in the room with the tree as they won’t understand that it is not there for them to play with.

We at Russdales strongly believe that prevention is better than cure. Flooring these days is delicate and expensive. Taking a few extra steps to take care of your floor this festive season, will go a long, long way! We hope you have a fabulous December! Ho Ho Ho!


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