Makeover with Rugs

Posted on 20th September 2015

Rugs are great statement pieces that can be added to any flooring, instantly changing the look and feel of the room.  It is a cost-effective way of changing the interior design of the house from season to season, whether you are a home owner or a landlord. At this time of year many people are ready for a new look in their homes. Most of us can’t afford to refurbish and re-carpet the whole house on a regular basis or even one area.  What we can do, is buy a new rug and that will give the room an immediate makeover.

Rugs are an affordable option to update a room and are an easy way to create a new look, adding colour, texture and warmth.  They can be vivid in colour, pattern and shape as a focal point, or they can be more muted to blend in with the rest of the décor.  A rug can transform an area as much as any renovation.

Multi-Dark-Green Final If you go for a green palette, you’ll be reconnecting with nature.  Naturally there are a multitude of shades to choose from, each with their own nuance, and popular choices are sea grass or coral green.  Many people choose beige for its versatility and more muted and calming atmosphere.  There are many colour combinations, patterns and textures for you to experiment with, and if it is a statement you are looking for, be bold.

Some of the latest trends make use of geometric patterns or different textures in one rug, and stripes are always in vogue.  Of course you might want a more traditional rug or something made to measure with an edging of your choice.  Shape, size and proportions are also important and mostly depend on where you want to put your rug.

Multi Sunbird RugIn the hallway it gives a first impression of your home, like a taster of your style and the complete interior design, and here there is often very little furniture to deal with.  In the bedroom you could have a super-sized rectangular rug with the bed on top, leaving the rug visible on three sides.  In the dining room a circular rug with a circular dining table in the middle, not only looks good but also encloses the dining area, especially if it is part of a larger space.  There are also rugs that have an irregular edge, and these show off a beautiful wooden floor extremely well.

It is important that rugs are changed often, as they are collectors of dust.  Eventually no amount of cleaning will be good enough and it is crucial that they are replaced, especially for asthmatics and allergy sufferers.

In addition to a sensational collection of stylish rugs,  we also import handmade rugs from the Belgian designer, Louis De Poortere.  His designs are varied and include very trendy patchworks and mosaics.  Before deciding on a rug online, why not come into our showrooms, speak to a professional and see and touch the real thing!



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