SmartStrand carpet – a cut above the rest!

Posted on 24th September 2012

The days of being forced to change your worn-down carpet could well be numbered… Developments in carpet material technology have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, so much so that the need to replace your carpet when it wears out has all but disappeared. Not only will Smartstrand carpets resist everyday wear and tear, but thanks to some clever fibre machinery, they are also stain and soil-resistant too.

Here at Russdales we have just taken delivery of a new range of these wonder-carpets, and we can guarantee you will not find a more durable carpet anywhere else, and we have been more than impressed by what we have seen. A Smartstrand carpet is truly a carpet for life.
Don’t just take our word for it though – in recent independent tests, Smartstrand carpets prove itself 50% more resistive to stains than an ordinary nylon carpet. In fact, it is so tough that it was recently placed for two weeks inside a rhino enclosure at Birmingham Zoo, and – remarkably enough – it looked as good as the day we installed it in the pen when we took it out for a clean! The material has been put through all kind of durability tests, and it passed them all with flying colours. Speaking of which, because the fibres won’t fade over the years, the colour you buy is the colour you keep forever!
Sounds almost too good to be true? Why not see for yourself…
To find out more about Smartstrand carpets and to view the range we have on offer, please contact us on 0208 360 1836 today.

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