Stairs to impress your guests

Posted on 14th November 2014

Stair runners are an optimal choice of home styling that provide practicality and comfort while creating an immediate impact to halls and stairways that adds a welcoming touch to your home. They offer a range of benefits compared to bare wooden floors and uncarpeted stairways. Here are a few examples…


Carpet runners keep your staircases safe as they offer better traction. Consequently, slips and falls can be reduced significantly with the presence of carpeted stairs which is why they are such an ideal choice for homeowners and landlords alike. In comparison, bare wooden and Amtico floors are hard surfaces that do not provide much traction and have no cushioning to act as support if someone was to fall. Stair and hall runners provide that extra element of safety within the home and thus reduce the risk of injury especially for children and elderly.


Choosing the right stair runner for your hallway can help to add style to your home

 Colours and Textures

Runners provide the opportunity for home-owners and landlords to be creative with the interior design of a home.      Carpet runners come in a wide variety of colours, textures and patterns to help perfect the interior décor you are    looking  to achieve. You can match your runner to your existing carpets or you can opt for a stunning contrast. The  possibilities  are endless!

Hardwearing and Durable

Carpeted runners on the stairs and in the halls also help to protect your wooden floors from scuff marks and  scratches.  They are easier to clean as you can sweep and vacuum them weekly. Although it is advisable to avoid  walking on them  with shoes on, if they do get damaged, carpet runners are incredibly simple to replace.


A well chosen stair runner can really make your home stand out to potential buyers

 Increasing Property Value

A dramatic set of stairs is always a selling feature. They are often the first  thing people see when they come into your  home and this provides an opportunity to create a stunning visual impact that reflects on the entire rest of the house.

At Russdales we have a huge range of carpet stair runners in a variety of textures and colours to help you achieve elegant styling throughout your home. Speak to a professional today to help you choose the floor that’s best for you. We at Russdales are always ready to help.

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