The Far Ranging Variety of Russdales Carpets

Posted on 20th June 2013

Consider your home as representing different aspects of yourself. Wouldn’t you invest time in developing and decorating these parts in varying ways, in accordance with their uniqueness and to get the best out of them?

Rooms have different purposes and therefore different design needs. For the hallway, you need something robust and reliable, so called “heavy domestic”. Halls and stairs are high-traffic and have to put up with outdoor footwear, so consider colours similar to mid-tone grey-brown or green-brown and look for materials such as wool or synthetic mixes. In the living room on the other hand, a plain light carpet will make this important area seem larger and spacious. Everyone has different needs in the bedroom, but most people like softness and sensuality; something with a luxurious feel to tread on gently.

At Russdales we specialise in supplying striped stair runners and stair rods. Striped carpets are quirky, popular and enhance any home. Why not modernize your living space with some bold lines that will add a personal touch? Try beige striped stair carpets next to a hallway.

The history of the use of the stripe pattern makes for an interesting read. In the Western world stripes used to be an indicator of people living on the edge of society, such as convicts and jugglers- and even the devil himself! But in the last two hundred years the meaning of stripes has shifted and taken on a decidedly more positive connotation.

Today it often indicates a sense of youth, playfulness, pleasure, freedom and Parisian elegance. The French and American flags both have revolutionary stripes in them. In a book about stripes by Michel Pastoureau he

shows us, by using such wide ranging objects as zebras and pyjamas, how they have become one of those trends that never really seem to go out of fashion. The pin stripes of bankers’ suits are a clear symbol of taste and status. The principle applies to interior design as well. A subtle and tasteful use of stripes is a clear indicator of a well cultivated appreciation of aesthetics.

There’s a wide selection of different carpets available in our showroom. To be sure we have the one you want available, you can request a specific sample before coming in. We can even come by your own house and bring some samples with us. Just give us a call and we will be there!

Adam Smith says:

I spoke to you yesterday regarding one of the striped carpets on your portfolio. We also really like the one on your enquiry page (its also on a photo as a carpet with a grey sofa underneath it)
If you could get back to us on both that would be great.

Lars says:

Can you buy the stripey carpet for the stairs you have on your website? If so, can you tell me how much it is please?



Russdales Flooring says:

Hi Lars, How are you? Sure you can buy this Crucial Trading Audrey Sunrise stair runner from us for £99.00 m2 (RRP £140 m2). For any other carpet or flooring advice feel free to call us on 020 8360 1836. Happy to help!

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