The Grey Interior Trend

Posted on 20th July 2016

Amtico Grey


The Grey Interior Trend has been a front runner in the design world for a while now and it looks like it is going to stay that way for years to come. There are many different reasons for its popularity. For example grey interiors create a relaxing environment, and keep your home looking stylish and effortlessly chic. There are lots of different ways to incorporate this trend when designing your home as this trend extends to walls, floors, beds, Kitchen cabinets, sofas, arm chairs, throws, cushions and much more!

Here are our top tips to help you nail this trend:

Play with different textures to bring your space to life, particularly the bedroom. Layering different feels of grey will stop the palette looking too plain in your home. Try experimenting with different textures such as knits and faux fur with throws, cushions and bed linen. These are all effective ways of stopping your room looking too muted, and keep them feeling comfortable and plush.

You can also mix different shades together to add depth & dimension. A great way to do this is to use soft shades that compliments the grey in your home, specifically pastel tones like dusty pinks, mint greens and soft blues. The best rooms play with the different colours along the same palette. Off white is also a great colour that compliments grey.

Another way to incorporate the grey trend into your home design is to pair grey with wood tones. You can easily get the look by opting in for grey carpet & mixing that with wooden floor in a natural finish in the same room. Grey walls in particular work as a good backdrop to smooth wooden finishes. As well as this, stripped floorboards in grey are a practical and traditional way to implement this interior design trend.




Grey walls make brilliant backdrops, and their simple tone makes it easier to pair with a brightly coloured piece of furniture such as a sofa, bed or even bathtub. Any bright colour will do and even geometric designs can add to the contrast against the grey. Mixing purple with darker grey tones can make for a very luxe look, due to the richness of both colours.

Are you on the grey bandwagon too? Have you in recent times added something grey to your home? If you are still deciding on what to do we are more than happy to help, as selecting the right design for your home can be overwhelming! Please give us a call on 02083601836.


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