Ways to add value to your home!

Posted on 10th June 2015

If you’re looking to sell your home this summer, then you will want to maximise its value. Don’t underestimate the difference that several changes and investments can make to your home’s appeal. Follow our tips below to help your house to stand out from the competition.

add central heating

Adding central heating to your home will help improve its value in the eyes of potential buyers/tenants.

 Add Central Heating

Although it sounds expensive, adding or updating the Central Heating System in your property will always add  more value than it costs. Most buyers, mortgage valuers and tenants will consider central heating to be an  essential. Also consider replacing windows that are beyond repair with double glazing, and the boiler if it is  outdated.

makeover current bathroom

Improving the lighting and brightening the colour of walls can help improve the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.


Makeover Current Bathroom
The bathroom is becoming an increasingly important room. A  refurbished bathroom will make your property easier to sell. If you have  space, you could also look at adding an en suite bathroom to one of your  bedrooms. Bathrooms need to be fresh and hygienic looking, so make  sure there is adequate light and paint the walls a nice neutral light shade  ideally an off white. Carpet is not really suitable for bathrooms, so opt for an Amtico vinyl, laminate or tiled flooring. Add a touch of luxury with a heated towel rail or underfloor heating to really give your bathroom a wow factor that is certain to add value.

get a loft conversion

Take care to ensure that any new space is integrated well with the current space to offer consistency in your décor.

 Get a Loft Conversion
 Extra living space is always appealing to potential buyers/tenants  and a great way to increase the value of your property. A loft  conversion is the ideal home renovation and can be converted to an extra bedroom, a second lounge or  even a games room! For homeowners/landlords, loft extensions can be costly but there are likely to be an  investment; providing it adds more accommodation than it takes away.

replace worn carpets

Worn carpets/rugs can give off a bad impression of your property. Ensure these are replaced with suitable alternatives.

 Replace worn carpets or rugs
 If your carpets and rugs are stained or worn then they are  likely to put off potential buyers/tenants. If you have a  limited budget, start by replacing the carpet in the room that  shows the most wear and choose a colour and design which  compliments your interior décor.


enhance the exterior

First impressions will always play a big role. Adding a fresh coat of paint to your property exterior can be cost effective solution.

 Enhance the exterior

Most buyers will decide if they do not like a property  before even stepping inside the property and it can be  very hard to shake off negative first impressions.  External makeovers can really make all the  difference to property value, such as repairing and repainting brickwork, doors and windows.  Larger scale external makeovers such as changing roofs, chimneys and porches can totally  transform the appearance of a property, but these changes will need designing and may need  planning permission.

fit hardwood flooring

The many different types of wood flooring available make hardwood flooring an ideal addition to any home.

 Fit Hardwood Flooring
 Recent years have seen hardwood flooring increase in popularity  as it gives a very stylish and sophisticated feeling to any  property. With so many different types of wood available for your  floor, there is something to suit every home and interior design taste!

There are many ways to enhance the value of your property. Carpets and hardwood flooring can be one of the easiest changes to start off with, so speak to a professional today to discuss any plans for renovation that you have. We at Russdales are always ready to help!

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