Wool carpet is worth extra investment

Posted on 20th March 2013

Spending a little extra on a wool carpet is worth the investment, according to femalefirst.co.uk. Although the cheaper option is often more tempting, cost should not be the main consideration.

Paying attention to the use of the room should be an important factor when deciding what material to have on the floor. Bedrooms are used less frequently than kitchen or living room floors, so spending a little more on a better-quality carpet is worth the money.

The hall, landing and stair carpets get a lot more foot traffic so a heavy duty floor material may be more beneficial. Wool mix blend carpets will keep their appearance and take longer to wear out. According tocarpetfoundation.com, at least 50 per cent wool is recommended in a blend carpet.

For children’s bedrooms and rooms where there are more likely to be spills and stains, a polypropylene floor is recommended as a better option. It’s stain resistant and easy to clean so is ideal for clumsy or messy children.

Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular for both living rooms and kitchens as an alternative to thick carpets. It is easy to clean up any spills, making it useful for the kitchen. The long-lasting properties also contribute to its popularity.

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