Youngsters are DIY illiterate, survey finds

Posted on 5th April 2013

Most 18-25 year-olds still rely on their dad for basic DIY jobs around the house, research has revealed.

The survey, conducted by, found that only eight per cent of youngsters thought that they were capable of repairing a plug without guidance.

Perhaps more astonishingly, only five per cent would be confident unblocking a sink, while six per cent said they would not know how to bleed a radiator.

Eighty-eight per cent admitted to not knowing how to use a power drill and a measly four per cent said they could put up wallpaper. It is questionable whether any of the participants would be able to undertake a task as straightforward as laying laminate flooring.

One of the participants in the survey said: “I still have to ring up my dad for DIY help. I can just about manage to put a book shelf together, but anything more complicated, I need his help.

A NetVoucherCodes researcher said: “In the past electrical goods came without a plug attached so it was necessary to know how to wire one.”

The website added that the digital generation seemed quite content to sit back and let dad take the strain. sarcastically commented that there was ‘some hope’, as three quarters of participants said that with instructions, they could assemble flat pack furniture, while 83 per cent felt confident they could hang a picture.

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