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Posted on 28th May 2012

Picture your ideal home. Light and spacious, tasteful furniture and exquisite textiles, and…beautiful floors! Whether it’s carpets in bright colours; plain or striped, or natural, authentic looking wooden floors. Flooring is the basis of the decoration in your home and the largest piece of the interior design. It does a lot to the overall impression of a living area, and room flooring is one of the most important parts of creating a clean room design. It is also something we at Russdales flooring specialists are passionate about providing as close to your individual desires as possible.

Regardless if you have a soft spot for the richness of velvet in the bedroom; if you want to luxuriate in thick pile or have some colourful fun with something cool and funky in the stairways, you’d find what you’re looking for from our range of over 100 carpets to choose from. Perhaps we could tempt you with the new materials sea grass, jute or coir?

Sea grass is a new carpet material which adds a practical, simple and beautiful touch, and it looks very similar to a real wood floor. It grows under tropical conditions in China and Vietnam in fields flooded with sea water. Sea grass is hand woven, giving it a very natural feel, and it is inherently stain resistant and can be used almost anywhere. Coir is made of coconut husk from India. Jute is also grown primarily in India, and is a soft material from the stalk of the corchorus plant.

Norman Vincent Pale said that “imagination is the true magic carpet,” which is something we believe in. At Russdales we think flooring is a way to let your creativity show and expressing what you would like your home, the extension of yourself, to look like. We have an almost endless range of possibilities and a showroom open for you to come in and get a feel for what you’d like to tread on. Everyone has different needs for their home and we provide honest advice on what we feel would be a perfect match for yours.

Carpets add cosiness and style to a space that might otherwise feel barren and uninspiring. A good way of  adding impact is to try a stunning design brand such as Amtico. It is known for manufacturing extremely high-quality flooring, and their products are very popular in numerous markets throughout the world. An Amtico floor is just about the most hard wearing and practical alternative to real wood there is available on the market today.

Design flooring is not only a brilliant addition to your home, with the option of adding borders and motifs. It is also very practical and easy to install. Scott Dunderdale, one of the Russdale founders, fits all the Amtico, wood and design floors himself. The carpet fitters are NICF approved so the finishing touch is perfect. Once installed, you can get advice on how to maintain the quality  and lustre of the floors from videos available on our website!

Thanks very much for this kind write-up guys. We’re absolutely delighted that you enjoy working with the product and are happy to recommend it.


The Amtico Social Media Team

Eva wasteson says:

Looks beautiful

trushi says:

I am doing a new kitchen. At present I have a marble floor which needs to come out. The other side of kitchen is the dinning area with wood flooring. I need to match the wood flooring of the dinning area to my kitchen. I need ideas and estimate. Please give me a call. 07961436448.
Thank you

Russdales Flooring says:

Hi Trushi, thank you for contacting us. Please could you call our showroom on 020 8360 1836 to have a chat about sizes and your location.
Have a lovely day.
Team Russdales

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