Marmoleum flooring

Posted on 19th June 2012

What’s more important to you; a beautiful product or being kind to the environment? With Marmoleum flooring you don’t have to choose and can enjoy them both at the same time. Marmoleum is a green design brand completely made from the natural ingredients linseed oil, woodflour, jute, pine rosin and limestone. A brief explanation of each of the above will clarify the exquisiteness of the material better.

Linseed oil is a clear to yellowish liquid extracted from the dried ripe seeds of the flax plant, which is also used as a nutritional supplement, and is even seen as a delicacy due to its deep taste. Woodflour has a consistency similar to sand or sawdust, where the grains can be as large as grains of rice. Jute is a long, soft and shiny vegetable fibre. After cotton it’s the most affordable and commonly produced natural fibre in the world, and India is the largest jute producing country. Pine rosin was originally called “resin from the pine trees of Colophon” in Greek, which was an ancient Ionic city. The rock limestone is composed of different crystal forms of calcium carbonate. Apart from building material and roads, it can also be used as a white pigment in products such as toothpaste.

The mix of all these natural components means that Marmoleum has no negative health effects at all, whether it’s during production (which uses very little energy), its durable life, or when disposing it after its long life. When it’s time has finally come, it is one hundred percent biologically degradable. Furthermore, it has natural bactericidal properties and is dust-mite free. For this it has been awarded a Seal of Approval by the British Allergy Foundation.

All this stuff about greenery and  environmental-friendliness is great. But what about the promised designer wow-factor? With a Marmoleum floor we can be pretty sure you’ll be impressed in this area too. It comes available in an amazing range of more than twenty colours, patterns and textures to match with a variety of tiles, sheets and easy-to-install click systems for you to choose from. There is a reason many people in Los Angeles have a liking for this material and use it liberally in their interior design. To sum up, the possibilities for you to create something unique and exciting in your living space are close to endless.

If you have any worries regarding taking care of your new floor, we can reassure you that a Marmoleum floor means extremely low maintenance. It’s surprisingly simple to clean. A wiping off with a wet cloth is enough to give it a lasting shine. This will protect the upper cover of the flooring as well as the layers under it against any damages and scratches.

Another of the many benefits of Marmoleum is the straightforwardness of installation. Oh, and Marmoleum floors are much cheaper than its hardwood and laminate competitors. If you are looking for a green, beautiful value for money option then Marmoleum floors are definitely for you!

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Many thanks for the terfriic post! There may be so much incorrect data out in the net, but your site always has been a trustworthy resource. Gracias!

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