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Amtico Signature

Presenting the Amtico flagship product range. This collection of 188 finest Amtico designs has been chosen to represent the brand through masterful craftsmanship and beauty, customer focus and flexibility as well as guaranteed longevity and reliability.

The Signature Collection puts the creativity in the hands of those who live and love flooring. Our customers can choose from a multitude of options including laying patterns, motifs and borders in order to express their vision into their environment. Alternatively, they can always rely on Russdales‚ expertise and counsel to incorporate templates into a pesonalised style that will bring out the potential of the area. The laying patterns allow for outstanding floor designs, the motifs become attractive points of interest in large open spaces; and the borders can synergise with any decor to create and contain consistent stylistic elements. Tiles can be combined in an almost infinite number of ways. Residential or commercial, through the power of Amtico, our customers can expect their flooring to be their own personal signature.

These designs have been created using innovative techniques, with truly inspirational design insights. Wood, stone, or abstract, every design is distinct and breaks the mould through innovation and real quality. Additionally, these products are sustainable and built for practicality and longevity. With a thicker wear layer, they are suitable for high traffic areas including: healthcare, retail, office, education and government buildings, as well as hospitality and leisure commercial housing.

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We believe you can it really beat seeing and touching the real thing. So we advise all customers to visit our showroom and borrow samples as well as get our expert advice. We will also be glad to visit you in your own home and bring some samples with us. Just give us a call.

A wide range of samples are available in our showroom to take away or you can order them direct.