Wood flooring brings character and charm to any space in your home. From traditional oak, and classic ash to rich cherry and understated maple, wood flooring is always homely and never out of vogue.

Easy to keep clean, wooden flooring requires minimum maintenance to retain its natural beauty. It can be refinished every eight to ten years so, with the right love and care, your wooden flooring will lasts a lifetime.

Russdales offers a fabulous range of wood flooring in a variety of finishes, included lacquered, brushed, oiled and matt. We work with only the best brands, such as Karhs, Tarkett and French specialists Marty, to ensure you always get the quality flooring you deserve.

Solid wood floors

Solid wood flooring is made from a solid piece of timber, milled into a plank and dried. Traditional in style, solid wood has been used in flooring for hundreds of years. It’s a natural option that’s durable and hardwearing. Solid wooden flooring is ideal for a busy family home. Should scratches or dents occur, it can easily be refinished to restore its former glory. But, as natural wood tends to contract and expand with sudden changes in humidity, solid wood flooring should not be laid in basements, conservatories or in areas with under-floor heating system.

Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wooden floors consist of several layers of real timber glued together under high pressures to create one plank. The layers of wood run in different directions, resulting in an extremely sturdy floorboard.

Engineered wood flooring has all the beauty of solid wood with the benefit of being more stable. This makes engineered wood flooring suitable in areas where solid wood is not. It can be laid as a floating floor, where sub-floors are not available. And it is perfect for flats as it can be sound-proofed with underlay. Engineered wooden flooring is simple to install and easy to remove.

Envisage the look before you decide

We carry a comprehensive range of large-sized solid wood and engineered wood samples which we’ll bring to you or you can borrow. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Solid wood floorboards range from 14mm to 25mm in thickness. A 14mm board is usually adequate for an average family home. The boards are fitted together and nailed or stuck down over a sub-floor which has to be level and sound.