Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put Laminate in Kitchen or Bathroom?

Yes you can, but how long it lasts is the question. Any product made with wood is prone to expansion when wet, when this happens the floor may be ruined and beyond repair. We advise vinyl or Amtico style of floor as these are waterproof.


Will Real Wood floors scratch?

Yes, the beauty of any real wood is that it acts like a piece furniture, darkens with age and every piece is unique, they can scratch but can be easily repaired. Simple precautions like mats at doorways and felt pads under chair legs will prevent damage, or maybe go for a wood textured or brushed finish this will disguise marks.


What if I see the same floor cheaper in another shop?

In the unlikely event you see the identical floor in another local shop, bring us their written quotation and we guarantee to price match or improve their price. Call in-store for details.


How do I clean my carpets?

We always recommend a Professional Cleaner but basic advice is never rub the stain, always blot with white kitchen roll or towel. For more advice go to our carpet cleaning link – .


Can I stain protect them?

Yes, the easiest carpets that can stain protected are Wool and Wool mix. We use Scotchguard or Guardsman Protector, this will stop moisture soaking into the carpet for a few minutes giving you time to wipe off.


Do I need an underlay under my carpet?

We always recommend a good underlay, this can help your carpet last up to 40% longer. There are many underlays from Felt, Rubber, Foam, all have their own uses. We recommend Cloud 9 underlay as they give a nice feel and don’t create any dust.


My floors are uneven what should I do?

Uneven floors are a big problem. To get a professional look with your new floor covering the floor needs to be as smooth and sound as possible. Wooden floor boards should be hard boarded or ply boarded to cover gaps between the boards. Concrete floors should be screeded. (Imagine wallpapering over an uneven wall, it is impossible to make it look good).


Do I need to move my furniture?

For the best job and prices the areas should be as clear as possible, but we know this is not always possible, so our helpful fitters will help with larger items when needed, sofas, side boards etc, they need to be empty of breakables, valuables and smaller items. If there are large amounts of furniture, a small charge may be payable for the extra labour involved, we will always inform you before work starts or in a written quotation.


Do I need to remove old flooring?

Yes, as above the areas need to be clear of old floor covering before the fitters arrive. This avoids lots of dust when the floor is removed and lets us see if the sub floors next extra works. It all goes towards making the works go as smoothly as possible with the least amount of disruption. We can offer a uplift and dispose service at a small extra charge.


How do I sound proof my wood floor?

Any wood or laminate floor above a ground floor should have extra sound proofing. Different types of underlay help cushion the noise, a basic underlay is 3mm thick poly foam, which is fine for floors in a good condition on the ground floor. A mixture of 7mm Fibreboard and 3mm poly foam given up to 30 decibels of noise absorption. There are lots of options depending on the budget and type of floor, but please call for more information.


My doors touch the carpet what should I do?

Doors often need to be trimmed due to new floor covering being installed. There is a business called Door Trims which offer a service of the first door cut for £30 and each door after for £15. Their telephone number is 07860 831954 or we can organise this for you.


I have a concrete floor and don’t know where the radiator pipes are; do we have to put nails in the floor?

No, we can secure the gripper rods and door thresholds with adhesive, please advise us you are not sure where pipes or cables are to avoid damage.


Can you make mats up from wastage of the carpet?

Yes, we offer a carpet whipping and binding service with standard whipping at £1.25 per foot. We also make rugs and runners with fabric or leather edging for £7.50 per linear metre.


The colour of my floor looks different to the sample in the shop. Why?

This often happens as carpets and woods come from different batches than the samples in store and when a new floor is laid it can take sometime to get used to the new look of a room, especially if it is replacing a very different style of floor.