Hardwood care and maintenance

Generally the average temperature should be maintained within the range of 15c – 25 Celcius and humidity readings within the rate of 35% – 55%. These are normal comfort zone readings under BS8201 and will help to keep your floor in a good condition.


  1. Use good quality entrance mats and dirt trappers at all exterior doors to prevent dirt and grit entering your home. Dirt underfoot can act like sandpaper.
  2. We recommend that floors, especially engineered flooring laid in kitchen or high traffic areas, such as hallways, are re-coated with a further coat or coats of lacquer or oil before general use.
  3. Areas rugs restrict wear in high traffic areas.
  4. Floor protectors or felt pads allow furniture to be moved without marking floors and they should be replaced at regular intervals to prevent dirt or grit becoming embedded.
  5. Avoid high heels these can easily exert a pressure exceeding 20000 psi and can damage your floor. Wear appropriate footwear.
  6. Avoid potted plants placed on the floor.
  7. Wipe up spills straight away with a damp cloth.
  8. Clip your pets nails frequently to avoid scratches and choose water bowls designed to avoid spills.
  9. Direct sunlight can cause wood to mature in colour.


  1. Vacuum dust or sweep regularly, probably daily, to remove dirt and grit
  2. Do not use a vacuum with a revolving brush
  3. Never use excessive amounts of water only a slightly damp mop
  4. Micromops and wood floor cleaner are ideal, spray cleaner onto mop
  5. Special polishes are available to protect the floors finish
  6. Oiled finishes may require more attention but are easier to spot repair.


Hardwood floors can be sanded and new coats of lacquer applied, this is not usually required for many years with proper maintenance. New coats of lacquer can also be applied without sanding off the original finish. Pour a few drops of water onto your floor.

  1. If it forms beads the finish is fine.
  2. If the water takes a little time to soak in and slightly darkens the wood, further coats of lacquer can be applied.
  3. If the water soaks into the wood quickly and leaves a dark spot, sanding and finishing may be required.
  4. At least every couple of years completely clean the floor and if required apply another coat of oil or lacquer to manufacturers instructions.

The use of a humidifier will help the control the relative humidity in your home and preserve it at its healthiest level.