Thinking of Getting a New Floor?


Thinking of getting a new floor? Ask yourself these questions.

The kids are back at school and you finally have some time to breath. It’s the perfect time to think about any home improvement plans. If you are looking at installing new floors in your home, ask yourself these 4 key questions.

Where do I need new flooring?
When it comes to your living room, a real wood floor or wood-effect floor would look great. Your bathroom and kitchen would require floors that are waterproof, low on maintenance and hardwearing. On the other hand, a bedroom or nursery should feel comfortable warm, soft & cozy.

Who will use this floor?
If you have kids, a soft and warm floor for them to play on is ideal. It should also be quick & easy to clean. If you have pets then durable and scratch–resistant floors with protective layers are ideal. Brands such as Amtico, Quickstep etc. do high-quality resilient floors.

Do I have underfloor heating?
Make sure the floor is compatible with underfloor heating. Laminate, Vinyl and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) floors are all usually suitable. Hardwood floors except ash and beech could also be an option but you must pick the right underlay.

What’s my style?
Are you a fan of planks or tiles? Do you fancy Parquet? Are you more inclined towards modern or traditional designs? Would you want to go light or dark?

To conclude we would just say one thing. Don’t get too influenced by the current design trends. A new floor will potentially last for years to come so stay with classic & neutral options. Choose a floor that you would love to look at day after day. Choose a floor that suits your space, lifestyle and family.